Comments and Testimonials from Angelic Reiki Students

If you are awakening to spiritual truths and are seeking ascension, this is it. I was pleasantly surprised to find this was not just an instructional class. Stacia and Sandi gently held our hands through their well organized mystery school; making sure no student was left behind. The intimate setting was uplifting and inspiring. We greatly appreciated the forethought into preparing us students spiritually. They diligently raised each students' vibration to be able to comfortably channel this new higher vibrational Angelic Reiki, by clearing old karmic ties for every student, performing thorough spiritual clearings and even held ascension activations!! The Angelic Reiki itself was actually very easy to learn and came intuitively for the students. Thanks, girls, for taking such excellent care of us!

Once you experience, you know your path has been altered and you've got keys to doors you didn't before.

It was honestly an amazing experience for me. I felt very comfortable with my fellow students and the instructors. It definitely made any doubts of me wanting to do energy and spiritual work go away.

Very moving & enlightening. Left with a desire to do more. I feel it opened the door to my life's purpose.

We started out as strangers with a mission, we parted as an energy family dedicated to 100% Pure Light. I am forever changed and grateful.

An enlightening and very hands-on class. A lot of different thoughts were expressed and each persons path was honored and embraced.

It's a class that incorporates and integrates a great deal of important information to assist with Ascension. I also found the meditations to be really helpful in exercising my third eye.

Angelic Reiki class is a true enlightening spiritual experience like none other I have experienced before. It is great to be able to harness the power to heal thyself with Angelic Reiki.

I feel I have the tools to begin using Angelic Reiki, but I want More.

The Angelic reiki class opened me to a whole new realm of being. I am overwhelmed and in awe of what I experienced during the weekend and cherish all the connections I made with others and myself.

My Angelic Reiki class was full of a unique group of all different types of people. I feel through the class I not only discovered new healing techniques, but I discovered myself. The people who come to these classes are so kind and the teachers are extremely welcoming. I felt safe and loved during this class.

Amazing information, learning and healing.

Much more than I came in expecting, very in depth, open up into a whole other world, while still making sense. Definitely spoonfuls of information was a fantastic approach by instructor because of the vast amount of energy channeled.

I felt at home during the weekend and as if I were with family. I never felt out of place or like I was left out. The amount of personal growth experienced is remarkable. I always thought I was a pretty put-together person, knowing exactly who I was and comfortable with that. To best explain I would say I used to think I was the raindrops hitting the water, causing beautiful ripples in the world (the water). During the weekend I realized that "I" was actually the water, and the raindrops were the outside influences of the world, the ripples being my influence on it. At the end of the weekend I now feel that I am actually the leagues of depth under the surface, and the ripples are two small aspects of what I choose to show to the world, in a way to protect myself. I now have my diving gear on and can not wait to find out what lies beneath. It was a truly transformative weekend.

It was a beautiful weekend of acceptance, transparency and lots of love. I felt such deep love for everyone in attendance and felt it toward me too. I have such gratitude for the wisdom and experience of Stacia and Sandy. They are very dear and lovely teachers. I feel so blessed by their words! I came with a bit of skepticism however I left having had experiences that were definitely beyond my expectations!

The instruction was clear, soulful and delivered with profound integrity. I felt honored.

Wonderful people, comfortable accommodations with a beautiful view, plenty of good food. What more could you ask for?

A wonderful environment for learning with new friends- I loved being able to practice and share what happened with each other. It is a safe and nurturing time for growing individually and as a group.

Powerful, radiant, filled with love.

Beyond words can describe. I felt safe, enriched and enlightened! Felt like I was home with wonderful loving family. It was a magical weekend!

Students Describe the Angelic Reiki Attunements

They were wonderful. The space and environment while doing them was perfect.

Spiritual. Lovely.

Brilliant. I left feeling refreshed, clear headed, and a little like I was floating on the clouds. Here I come world ;)

Moving ~ Stirring ~ Profound. I have had a very lonely heart all of my life; a very full life, but missing something. I feel like I have come home.

Very, very powerful and serene.

Very empowering - and even the next day, I felt like I was still receiving them.

The attunements are incredibly powerful. I felt a great deal of energy moving through me. This was very different from the Usui reiki 1 attunement I received. I much preferred the angelic reiki attunements.

The attunements of Angelic Reiki were powerful. They brought me to a higher vibration and I truly felt the shift in how I interacted with the rest of the world.

The attunements are hard to put into words and my mind still can't comprehend what occurred. I feel myself realigning.

During the attunements they allowed me to travel out of my own head. I woke up feeling more aware of myself. I finally know exactly what happiness truly is.

Very unique and special. Amazing to meet all of the angels and feel their presence. Like an initiation into a special club.

Super peaceful, but has been very noticeable since having received them. I'm used to the attunement process with other types of Reiki so I've been prepared for the cleansing. Self-healing has really helped with the releasing of layers and opening up intuitively. Thank you Stacia!

The immediate feeling of an attunement is one of calm and peace. Very meditative. And disorienting. The mental affect of the attunements have left me with a feeling of rebirth. I used to have a sense that there was something laid out for me and my future, like it was already planned out in some way, and I was just trying to figure out my next move. After the attunements I now honestly feel as though my future has not even been IMAGINED yet. I am so totally in the present it is an open world in front of me. I can make of it what I choose, and it is an amazing, beautiful, warm inviting place. My chest has felt like it is expanding ever since the weekend. It is like a burning, fizzing, alka seltzer bomb! Thank you for believing in me to allow me to participate. I feel amazing things are about to happen! :)

Amazing! Powerful!

Uh...freaking awesome! I connected really well with the process. It was emotional for me and healing in some way.

Enlightening and emotional

It was an extremely powerful experience.

Heavenly! When you feel the presence of powerful support, you know things are happening the way they should- it is a blessing to have the assistance of so many "teachers".

I feel my body is of light and find myself grounding alot more.

It felt as if I had come home. I have been waiting for them all of my life.

Magnificent and powerful. The instructors are so wonderful and knowledgable, caring, and genuine. Thank you!!!!

I feel like I am more relaxed and feel less stressed. I feel like I am more balanced and laughing more. Not taking everything so seriously feel like I was blessed and loved.

Our Instructors

  • Our Angelic Reiki classes are taught by both Stacia Zadra, RMT and Sandi Fornwalt, RMT. Our students get the benefit of two qualified instructors who teach, mentor, and practice as a full time vocation.

    Because of their extensive experience, they are able to go beyond the curriculum of teaching Angelic Reiki and give the students a strong foundation by providing background and vocabulary for the class to complement and support the healing and healer's journey of each student.

    Our manuals include Angelic Reiki instruction and esoteric teachings relating to our paths of enlightenment...

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  • Spokane Valley, WA | June 5 - 7, 2020
  • The Level I/II Angelic Reiki class supports the personal spiritual path. There are three Attunements given as well as instruction on self healing and distance healing. This 3 day class will be held at our location in Spokane Valley.
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